"Use These Three Salon Insider Tips To
Select A Hair Professional"

        Read What I, Amanda Larson
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            About My Experience
''Beautiful Highlights Without the Process...'

"...My hair is now a lighter shade of brown with many beautiful highlights all without the bleach or a 2-step process. Jonathan's haircuts actually make my hair feel fuller and more manageable. "

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INSIDER TIP #1 : Choosing a hair professional solely by price doesn't work.

          The truth is, you know when you invest wisely, you get what you pay for.
          Beware of unbelievably low prices or discounts. If you call a salon or stylist offering the cheapest rates or discounts, I'll wager you'll get a so-so result with very little service. It only makes sense that a salon or stylist offering the cheapest rates or discounts have to cut costs somewhere either by using cheap, low-wage, (usually low skilled) employees, or cheap products, and even cheaper methods spending as little time as possible helping you. (After all, a salon or stylist offering services at the cheapest rates or discounts has to make up for "quality" with 'quantity".)
          Besides... are you really going to be happy with cheap, discounted, rushed service offering you no guarantees? If not, then...a salon or stylist charging the 'cheapest prices' or discounts really isn't a bargain for you at all.

INSIDER TIP #2 : What kind of results does the stylist give you?

          Many hair professionals claim to have experience or talent. Often people like you are upset when you expect your hair to look like a picture you brought in to a stylist, but reality sets in about the time you see chunks of your hair (much longer than you anticipated) falling to the floor.

           Read What I, Eric Kinsinger 
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
            About My Experience
"Testing & Failing One Hair Stylist After Another, Until..."

"... with the skill and talent, one for excellent service, every time, Jonathan gets my business and my endorsement - I hope this helps someone looking for a great haircut...

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aerospace engineer

          Avoid this tragedy, through excellent communication. Ask to see a picture of the hair professional's work. If they don't have any, ask if they have a few clients you can call for a reference or ask to see actual client testimonials you can look at and read through.[READ THESE REAL TESTIMONIALS TO THE RIGHT>>>]
          Make sure any salon hair professional is straight-forward with you. Often times the difference between leaving the salon in tears or with a smile is simply having good communication.(as in : DO they listen to you?)

INSIDER TIP #3 : Doing your haircuts yourself is a waste of money and time.

          Sure you can buy a set of clippers attached to a vacuum, or stand over the bathroom sink and go crazy with the scissors. But ... will you really look your best?
          Furthermore, when you consider the value of your time, you stand to lose more money than you could allegedly save, especially when you botch it up ending up franticly trying to find a hair professional to fix it anyway.
          When you want to look like a million bucks seek out a hair professional who has been educated and or apprenticed in becoming a licensed hair professional.

           Read What I, Sarah Erman 
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
            About My Experience
'"Naturally Curly Hair..."

"...have been so happy ever since Jonathan started cutting my naturally curly hair..."

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grandmother, business owner, world traveler

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Choose To Visit When You
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          If all you want is a quick job, with very little pampering and service, or for the cheapest price possible - please call someone else. All the services you'll receive are personalized for people just like you who care about the way you look, cause you want to look your very best everyday.
          By placing your trust in me, you are assured of receiving the best results because of my professional experience, using techniques, and professional products specifically for you to receive the best service possible. Every aspect of your salon visit each and every time is focused on fine tuning all the services you receive providing you with the best salon experience possible.

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