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Ladies Sculpting Haircut Choices:

You can choose the absolute best in all services, you get it all and more... since you're the type of lady who only wants the best, you'll get the paramount of service... Platinum - Ladies Sculpting Haircut. Or, maybe you're the kind of lady who wants just the most popular in mid-range services, chosen by many other ladies like yourself...Gold - Ladies Sculpting Haircut.

And once you qualify as a regular client (by scheduling, being on-time to three-sequential sessions in a row), you may be invited to choose from either Ladies Platinum V.I.P. or Ladies Gold V.I.P. monthly membership plans (SAVING you up to 15% on all your sessions).

If at anytime you wish to add hair colour, highlights, a permanent wave, or maybe little relaxing/straightening... you just ask to "PLUS" your same level of service choice on your Ladies Sculpting Haircuts Menu for Ladies Platinum PLUS, or Ladies Gold PLUS. Sorry, if you choose "No-Frills" there's no add ons or benefits as with Ladies Platinum or Gold level services.

Vidal Sassoon AlumniVidal Sassoon Alumni     

Don't take my word for how you'll be enhanced with my services... Read an listen below to what other ladies just like you are saying about their experiences: CLICK HERE for Testimonials


Platinum - Ladies Sculpting HairCut

[when you want the very best]

10 Benefits included with
Platinum - Ladies Sculpting HairCut:

#1  Zero-Risk Assurance Service Guarantee
#2  Complimentary Consultation before each appointment...
#3  You get to start out with the very best premium hair cleansing giving you a relaxing head and neck massage...
#4  Next, you'll get the very best premium conditioner to give you shine and moisture, that 'love to touch your hair', feeling...
#5  All this finshed off with a mini-spa treatment with three warm, soothing, wet towels applied to your face, one after the other, each with just a hint of tea tree oil, mint, mentol and then the last towel... one a slight scent of citrus to finish...
#6  Then you enjoy your compete and personalised Platinum - Ladies Sculpting HairCut...
#7 Once your Platinum - Ladies Sculpting HairCut is finished... you'll receive a quick finish cleansing of your hair, removing any of those little clips of hair...
#8  Back to the chair... for your complete Platinum finishing Blow-dry complete with Styling (styling includes: finishing curling or flat iron - Longer hair extra) with a little gel, pomade and a little hair spray...
#9   Finally, you'll receive a fine dusting with 'Special Beauty Talc' to eliminate any trace little trims of hair left over on your face, neck, ears or shoulders...
#10   Lastly before you leave the chair... your Platinum service is topped off with a relaxing shoulder mini-massage ...
starts at ... 59.97 & UP [longer hair extra]

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Gold - Ladies Sculpting HairCut

[most popular]

6 Benefits included with
Gold - Ladies Sculpting HairCut:

#1    Zero-Risk Assurance Service Guarantee
#2  Complimentary Consultation before each session...
#3  Start with a relaxing hair cleansing...
#4  Then you enjoy your compete and personalised sculpting haircut...
#5  Finished with a little gel, pomade ...a partial minimal blow-dry with a little hair spray (curl iron or flat-iron styling ONLY *Included with Platinum - Ladies Sculpting HairCut service above) ...
#6  At last... a fine dusting with 'Special Beauty Talc' to eliminate any trace little trims of hair left over on your face, neck, ears or shoulders...
starts at ... 49.97 & UP [longer hair extra]

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"No-Frills": On-the-cheap...No shampoo, no conditioners, no finishing gels or pomades, no blow-dry styling, just dampen your hair... Just cut and run...: "No-Frills."
Includes Only:
#1 Zero-Risk Assurance Service Guarantee

#2 Complimentary Consultation before each session
#3 Your No Frills - Ladies Sculpting HairCut
starts at ... 37.97 & UP [longer hair extra]

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SORRY...Applications/Invitations for Memberships - Currently on waiting list.

Platinum - V.I.P. or Gold - V.I.P. Monthly Memberships
Gets You All The Regular Benefits
With 3 MORE V.I.P. Members Only BONUSES! :

V.I.P. Member BONUS #1 : Members ONLY UNLIMITED Ladies Sculpting Haircuts
V.I.P. Member BONUS #2 : Front-of-the-Line-Pass for HIGH-PRIORITY Scheduling your Sessions
V.I.P. Member BONUS #3 : Monthly Specials: On select haircare products and services

Platinum V.I.P. and Gold V.I.P. Monthly Members SAVE UP to 15%] You may also add or "PLUS" regular hair color or highlights to your Platinum V.I.P. or Gold V.I.P. monthly membership and SAVE even more!
[Notice: *Monthly membership agreements are debited on your credit card each month until you cancel. All monthly membership cancellations or OPT-OUT requests must be sent by U.S. Postal Delivery in writing. Any monthly membership cancellations revert all further services to current rates. No refunds issued.]

Accepting Your Payments : Cash, Checks, VISA, MasterCard, DiscoverCard

Now accepting your:
    >   V I S A
    >    M a s t e r C a r d
    >    D I S C O V E R C a r d

Concierge Outcall On Location Services Available Upon Request
(Outcall On Location - I visit you at your choice location)
Concierge Outcall On Location Service Pricing upon request

Read below just a few ladies just like you say about their own real hair challenges and just how they got exceptional results (real comments taken from actual letters - some client names were withheld by request. Please continue reading below for some actual testimonials)

Read What I, Kelly Cole 
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

        "No More Worries"client quote

        "When we first met, I had a really bad hair cut and hair color. I must tell you, that was the last bad hair cut and hair color I ever had. Jonathan makes it look so great. He is the best.
        Although working in a studio I also often do 'live in-person' introductions of recording artists and musicians to the public at concerts. This means I must always look my best.
        Constantly being in front of 'live audiences' introducing big name singers and musicians, I know now I never have to worry about my hair because Jonathan always makes me look my best.
                                Get Your Own Star-Quality' Look
... CALL Jonathan - Do it NOW!

                                                Kelly Cole ~ San Diego, California
                                                Platinum PLUS member
                                                Connect with Kelly on Facebook
                                                Former On-Air Personality for San Diego's 98FM Smooth Jazz and 102.1FM KPRi "Lites-Out"


Read What I, Louise M. Herman
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

      "Highly Recommend..."client quote

        "You make my hair look like I've always wanted it to, but I never thought it could look. It not only looks good, which is great for my self-confidence, it also feels good.
        I get tons of compliments all the time from friends and co-workers all about how healthy they say my hair looks and also how cute my haircut looks. Every visit to the salon feels to me like a visit to a spa , relaxing and enjoyable.
        Your experience, knowledge and the professional pride you put into satisfying my every need while in your care, is what I believe enables you to sincerely guarantee all your work. I highly recommend you to everyone for all their haircare needs."

                                                Louise M. Herman
                                                Platinum PLUS V.I.P. member
                                                Par Excellance Theatre teacher, Theatre design tech


Read What I, Diane Kennedy
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

 "Now, I never have to worry about my hair..."client quote

        "I've always paid top dollar for my hair, but I haven't always gotten great results. I went in to Jonathan with dry hair that more resembled straw and had multiple shades from failed past treatments. My first appointment gave me a new cut and fresh hair color. I look 10 years younger.
        The hair color, just like Jonathan promised, reduced the appearance of lines around my eyes and my hair was shiny and healthy. I actually had someone ask me if I'd had a little "work done" on my face (i.e. a face lift). I didn't! It was the hair color and cut! I will NEVER let anyone else work on my hair again. "

      Diane Kennedy ~ San Diego CA & Phoenix AZ
      Platinum PLUS
      One of Robert Kiyosaki's RichDad's authors,
      Author of several of her own books, seminar speaker, CPA - tax strategist
                                                Get Your FREE U.S. Tax Review

                                                Visit Diane's website : www.ustaxaid.com
                                                Follow Diane also on Twitter: @Diane KennedyCPA


Read What I, Kathy Spencer
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

 "...You Understand My Needs With My Hair.."client quote

        ""What's most important is that you understand my needs with my hair. You always keep my hair looking good which increases my confidence. Every time someone, anyone, talks about wanting their hair to look good, I say : CALL Jonathan NOW!
        In my life, my hair looking good is important to me. The way you do my hair gets me compliments all of the time. Most of all I like that you take the time to consult with me each time I visit. You really understand and you really listen to 'What it is' I want to do right now with my hair(because you know me,... I can change my mind).
        Lastly and most importantly, the fact that you guarantee your work and accept all the risk, in my experience you're confident, you always give me the results I desire, Every time."

                                                Kathy Spencer
                                                Platinum PLUS
                                                mother of two children, Registered Nurse


Read What I, Grace Tayama
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

      "Thanks For The Great Haircut!"client quote

        "I was sick of asking my previous hairdresser to do my hair one way, and then they went ahead and did whatever THEY wanted with their scissors anyways, that's when I called you! Not only do you have talent with your shears, you take the time to ask the right questions, then you listen to my answers which I believe gives me the best haircut everytime.
        Thanks for the great haircut I ASKED FOR!"

         Grace Tayama ~ San Diego CA
         Gold services
         USANA Health Services Independent Consultant


      "...I Now Have Healthy, Shiny Hair..."client quote

        "It's so rare to find a hairdresser that will really take the time to listen to what I want in a haircut - But you have done that for me and more!
        You not only listen, but you balance out everything I think I want in a haircut with practical, professional expertise. The result is that I now have healthy, shiny hair that does exactly what I want it to.
        As a busy mom, I asked you for a hair cut that requires little work in the mornings yet still looks hip and fun - even a little bit playful and sexy for my husband!
        Well, you managed to give me all of that! And my hair now has great natural looking highlights that compliment my own skin tone and make me look younger and healthier.
        People really do stop me on the street, in the mall and at restaurants and ask me who cuts my hair. I always keep a few of your cards in my purse just so that I can have them ready! Jonathan, you are a rare find!"

                                                Cheryl Helliwell ~ Escondido CA
                                                Platinum PLUS services
                                                mom of two and co-owner of business

Your Blow-Dry and Styling Choices

Special Styling - Blow Drying, UpDo's, Proms or Weddings Creative Braiding or Plaiting Creative Braiding or Plaiting BlowDry Styling and UpDo's for Your Prom or Wedding..... start at 57.00
(...for blow-dry, updos, or braids... includes
shampooing, use of velcro rollers, curling or flat iron)

  Blow-dry styling for your short to shoulder length . . . starts at 57.00

  Blow-dry styling for shoulder to longer hair . . . starts at 77.00

  Up Do's or French Braiding . . . starts at 57.00

  Flat-iron styling for your medium to shoulder length . . . starts at 77.00


All prices are quoted in U.S. cash or by personal check.
Or Pay With Your: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER Card
[non-cash service fees apply]

CANCELLATIONS or NO-SHOWS: In consideration of my other clients, please give a 72-hour notice of any cancellation. A credit card may be required to secure your appointment . Cancellations or No-Shows will be charged the price of the full service requested.

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