How Would You Like To Have Hair Color
Your Friends Will Envy...

          What do these movie stars, entertainers: Meryl Streep, Michael Douglas, and Kathleen Turner all have in common with my following clients?...

          and maybe even you soon...

          They each had hair color created just for them by me. This proven difference for you gets you extraordinary hair color provoking the curiosity of your friends and envy of your enemies.

          Plus today's hair color technology guarantees you receive gorgeous, natural looking custom hair color while adding shine and improving the overall look of your hair.

          Creating and matching your hair color to your skin tone, your eye color is like a classic artist creating a uniquely specific color on their paint palette. As little as 1 in one-thousand hair colorists can do this by eye. The best natural hair color match can liven a pale or yellowish complexion, brighten your eyes, and even knock 12 years off your looks by hiding that problem gray hair.

          Imagine after meeting with you in only one visit perfectly mixing and personalizing your own shade from a whole palette of custom hair colors available... is just a phone call away.

          You can now trust with confidence you will get only the best personal hair color results, guaranteed!

But, don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

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Read below just a few of clients just like you say about their own real hair color challenges and just how they got exceptional results (real comments taken from actual letters - some client names were withheld by request. Please continue reading below for some actual testimonials)

          Read What I, Kerrie O'Neill
another Very Happy Client Say Below...            
             About My Experience

      "From Botched Highlights To
      Sexy Blonde! Blonde!! Blonde!!!"
client quote

        ...I dropped into a salon in Del Mar to get my color done. Big mistake. The person that did my color never asked the exact color of blonde I wanted my hair to be, never asked me what else I had done to my name it, they really didn't seem to care.
        They turned my highlights - ORANGE!
        Another friend of mine who is also a model that I worked with at the photo shoot for VOGUE Magazine, told me to call you, ...I did and I am so happy with my hair color now. Jonathan I will fly in to see you for my color from anywhere.
                                                        You made my hair a beautiful blonde, just what I wanted. You asked me lots of questions about my color, about what had been done to my hair before. I feel like you listen to me and take care of me personally. Now you keep my blonde looking like it did in New York.
        Thank you for a great SEXY blonde hair-do. Just what I wanted: Blonde! Blonde!! BLONDE!!! You are WELL WORTH every visit. Miss you! See you soon. Love and XXOOXX"

                                Kerrie O'Neill ~ San Clemente CA - New York NY - Paris, France
                                Ladies - Platinum PLUS V.I.P. member
                                Super-model - appeared in VOGUE & ELLE (U.S., Australia, France),
                                ALLURE, Mademoiselle, and many others


Read What I, Michelle Olson Lambeth
another Very Happy Client Say Below...            
About My Experience

        "Beautiful New Hair..." client quote

        "I went to see Jonathan after moving to San Diego area from another state with lots of 'roots' showing and extremely past due for a trim.
      He took an extraordinary amount of time speaking with me about what I wanted, what my expectations were, what the end result of my hair color would be and made me absolutely sure I would be happy with my end result.
        After learning tons about hair color chemistry and hair movement from getting the right cut, I left with beautiful new hair! If only he could fix the laugh lines!!!"

                                Michelle Lambeth ~ Lake Tahoe, Nevada
                                Ladies - Gold PLUS services
                                Fortress Credit Pro , ITEX member


Read What I, Kelly Cole 
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

        "No More Worries"client quote

        "When we first met, I had a really bad hair cut and hair color. I must tell you, that was the last bad hair cut and hair color I ever had. Jonathan makes it look so great. He is the best.
        Although working in a studio I also often do 'live in-person' introductions of recording artists and musicians to the public at concerts. This means I must always look my best.
        Constantly being in front of 'live audiences' introducing big name singers and musicians, I know now I never have to worry about my hair because Jonathan always makes me look my best.
                                Get Your Own Star-Quality' Look
... CALL Jonathan - Do it NOW!

                                Kelly Cole ~ San Diego, California
                                Ladies - Platinum PLUS services
                                Connect with Kelly on Facebook
                                Radio and AD Recording Personality
                                Former On-Air Personality for San Diego's 98FM Smooth Jazz and 102.1FM KPRi "Lites-Out"


Read What I, Diane Kennedy
another Very Happy Client Say Below...
About My Experience

      "Now, I never have to worry about my hair..."client quote

        "I've always paid top dollar for my hair, but I haven't always gotten great results. I went in to Jonathan with dry hair that more resembled straw and had multiple shades from failed past treatments. My first appointment gave me a new cut and fresh hair color. I look 10 years younger.
        The hair color, just like Jonathan promised, reduced the appearance of lines around my eyes and my hair was shiny and healthy. I actually had someone ask me if I'd had a little "work done" on my face (i.e. a face lift). I didn't! It was the hair color and cut! I will NEVER let anyone else work on my hair again. "

                                Diane Kennedy ~ San Diego CA & Phoenix AZ
                                Ladies - Platinum PLUS services
                                One of Robert Kiyosaki's RichDad's authors,
                                Author of several of her own books, seminar speaker, CPA - tax strategist
                                Get Your FREE U.S. tax review

                                Visit Diane's website :
                                Follow Diane also on Twitter: @Diane KennedyCPA


    Read What I, Christine Horvat
another Very Happy Client Say Here...
           About My Experience

      "Saved Me From My Brassy Hair Color Problems..."client quote

        "Jonathan you saved my brassy hair color problem!
      I had someone do my highlights when I was out of town, 'Big Mistake'. Totally brassy, orange looking on the scalp.
      No worries, you did your 'corrective hair color magic' and 'Viola!', all better. No more brassy orange roots. Just beautiful blonde highlights.Thanks also for showing me how to easily maintain my hair at home. Your art is now saving me lots of time in styling.
                                                'Hair Artiste' really say's it all."

                                Christine Horvat ~ San Diego CA (happy ITEX client)
                                Ladies - Gold PLUS services
                                For all your carpet cleaning needs,
                                see Christine and expert carpet cleaner, Andy Horvat, at:
                                A & M Carpet Cleaning


Hair Coloring San Diego
For All Women & All Men As Well...

Yes, I do offer Hair Color services for 
Women of All skin Colors and hair types. 
             Calling ALL Blondes, 
            Brunettes, Red Heads! 
Only Your 'Hair Artiste' knows for sure...      Yes, I do offer Hair Color services for Men
        Did you know...63% of ALL men...
     get their hair professionally colored. 
          What about you? Call Now!
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Your Hair Color ConsultationYour Hair Color ServicesHair Color Product Lines
Zero-Risk Assurance GuaranteeSalon Location & MapWhat Other Clients Are Saying
Payment MethodsYour Special Internet Gift Coupon

Here's How You Will Benefit With
Your Color Consultation...

1.    First you will receive a full Analysis of the condition of your hair. It is the Condition & Porosity of your hair which will determine your desired hair color result can be achieved.

2.    Next you will be asked specific questions to determine your hair color history. For example, questions like: What hair color and texture/permanent wave/relaxing processes has your hair been exposed to over the past year?

3.    And, next together we will agree on a realistic desired color for your hair. Depending on your unique person situation, you may need me to 'Fix Your Color' ...

4.    Let's be realistic, for you to get the best 'Correction to your Color' you'll be encouraged to have realistic expectations. Since it probably took your hair more than one exposure to various chemicals for your hair to now need fixing of your hair color, it may take you more than one hair color session to get your hair color looking natural or the way you really want your hair color to look like.

5.    Then you will receive an estimated service price prior to beginning your hair color service. As well as, you will get specific advice on the maintenance to keep your new hair color looking just like it does today.

Because of the visual nature of your hair color ANY PRICE QUOTES MADE ON THE PHONE ARE ONLY QUOTES. Specific estimates for ANY color services can ONLY be given in-person in daylight hours.

6.    Have your hair color challenges taken care of immediately, CALL NOW, to GET your own FREE 'face-to-face' consultation to determine your best hair color outcome.

7.    Next, you will get an estimate of the Amount of Time it will take today to complete your hair color service. You'll also find out how often you should schedule your next hair color appointments to best maintain your new hair color.

8.    Next, you'll get Professional Hair Care Product Recommendations that will give you the ability to protect and take care of your New Hair Color.

9.    And that's not all... keep reading below for MORE IMPORTANT FACTS - 'F.Y.I.'


If this is your first hair color appointment, did another client send you? Then CLICK HERE and claim your Special First-Visit Internet Gift Coupon

Here's Your Choice of Hair Color Services...

Hair color in bowls picture.

Basic Color
includes: any and all single applied color processes.

     If at anytime you want to add a Ladies Sculpting Haircut or
Grooming For Men to your basic hair color,
the same level of service choice applies:
      Platinum PLUS, or
      Gold PLUS.
Sorry, if you choose "No-Frills" there's no add ons or
benefits as with Platinum or Gold.
      Zero-Risk - Assurance Guarantee


Highlighting with foil demo picture.

Foil Highlights, Weaved Colors or
Streaks of Various Color

includes: all single or multiple colors accomplished with
the use of foil

     If at anytime you want to add a Ladies Sculpting Haircut or
Grooming For Men to your foil highlights, weaved colors or streaks,
the same level of service choice applies:
      Platinum PLUS, or
      Gold PLUS.
Sorry, if you choose "No-Frills" there's no add ons or
benefits as with Platinum or Gold.
      Zero-Risk - Assurance Guarantee

•  Any "Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani or
Kylie Minogue Type of Blonde"...
Bleach Out or Lightening - Complete or Partial

     If at anytime you want to add a Ladies Sculpting Haircut or a Grooming For Men service to your
bleach out or lightening service - complete or partial, the same level of service choice applies:
      Platinum PLUS, or
      Gold PLUS.
Sorry, if you choose "No-Frills" there's no add ons or benefits as with Platinum or Gold.
      Zero-Risk - Assurance Guarantee


These Types of Hair Color Problems
You May Want To Get Fixed...

problem brassy or orange hair

1. Off-color 'brassy' or unintentional Orange tone, not the color you were looking for...

2. Or... Off-color blonde with an unintentional 'Greenish tinge' often occurs from swimming in chlorinated pools ...

problem greenish blonde hair    The problem is 
color 'bleed-through' 
        on the scalp 
       on blonde hair

3. Or, maybe you have what's called 'Bleed thru'. This 'bleed thru' is caused by lightener or bleach oozing out of foils leaving a lightened area on your scalp' ...


4.Or... Could be that you tried to apply your own hair coloring at home, or you had some inexperienced other hairdresser in a hair salon apply hair coloring gone wrong... then you need an expert professional hair colorist to help to fix that little color mistake...

5. ...and there can be so many other hair color problems you may have that can be helped!

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Your Complete 100% Zero-Risk
Assurance Guarantee


Simply, 100% Zero-Risk means you'll have
a completely Risk-Free experience :

You Will Absolutely Love Your Hair!

I Guarantee it.

"Zero-Risk" means to you that I only keep your money if you're thrilled, ecstatic, jumping-up-and-down, pumping-your-fist-in-the-air happy.

How can I offer you such an outrageous guarantee? Easy. Combining over 35 years of experience, talent, technology, and sheer persistence - you will get a hair style especially for you that'd make the Mona Lisa grin. (...most especially, You!)

Besides, anyone can offer you a "money-back-guarantee".

Big deal.

What do they have to lose if you ask for your money back?

When you get your hair done with me, I accept 100% of the risk. If I don't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when getting your hair done protected by your...

100% Zero-Risk
REFUND Guarantee

"What can you expect to receive?..."

'You Can Expect To Receive The Best Service Ever !

Because you have chosen me out of all the people in the world to help you with your hair, I value your confidence in me. So, I will take all the financial risk and give you this, my personal commitment to building a relationship with you.

*WARNING   : If all you want is cheap, low quality service, please call someone else. All the salon services* that you will get are designed for you to receive the absolutely,
'Best Assured Service Ever'.

These 5 unique safeguards will assure your experience :


You MUST be : Relaxed, Pampered and Listened to;


You MUST be : Thrilled getting the best haircut you've ever had;


You MUST be : Delighted getting the most natural looking hair color and highlights;


You MUST agree : You got the most stylish UpDo, Braid or 'blow dry styling';


And most of all you MUST : Feel you were completely taken care of and felt at ease.

That's right... with all of this you MUST agree you got 'the best service ever' or...

#1: I will re-do your services (within 7-14 days of your original service date) absolutely free. If you are still not pleased, I will accept no payment, no money, nothing, zip...


#2: I will cheerfully RUSH to you your PROMPT, 100%-EVERY-PENNY-BACK-REFUND... GUARANTEED!

For Any and All Processes to
Fix Your Hair Color*


'The following statement implies either spoken or unspoken' :

If your original hair color services were completed by me, Jonathan - Hair Artiste, they are Guaranteed.

Should you require or need on any Correction of your hair color work be done due to any error of my own, it is covered under my Guarantee.

~ Jonathan - Hair Artiste   

Most importantly, any reasons you have for your displeasure with my services means I failed somewhere and your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

After you have your ecstatic, extremely satisfied experience, you can help other people just like you by telling your own unique experience in a written testimonial.

PROOF POSITIVE : See the many other satisfied and happy real client stories and testimonials of their own experiences posted right here on this website.

You can be confident that developing a long-term relationship with you is my focus. Please send me an email, write a short note or call to let me know 'how' I can continually improve your salon experience.

That's it,

Your 100% Zero-Risk-Assurance Guarantee:

 •  I Accept 100% Of The Monetary Risk (my cost)

 •  I Accept The Time I Spend To Take Care Of Your Needs

 •  I Accept The Cost of any products I use. . .

'Assuring You The Best Service Ever' or...
It's 100% FREE , Guaranteed!

Fair enough?

My Intention : Building long-term relationships by bringing you and your 'fine hair art' to the world one client at a time.

That's my written personal commitment to you.

No other hair professional or hair salon has the confidence to put their money were their mouth is.

color expert, your hair artiste

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Various Brands of Hair Color
Products I may use...

For your satisfaction ~ offering you:

    Framesi Futura Hair Color     ToccoMagico Professional Hair Color     JOICO VeroColor  Verocolor
WELLA Professional Hair Color     L'Oreal Professionel Hair Color     Redken 5TH AVENUE NYC     Clairol Professional Color

Various other hair color brands available upon request. If you do not see your chosen professional brand of color listed here, please ask. These are just my most preferred.

Now Accepting Your payments: 

Now accepting your:
    >    V I S A    
    >    M a s t e r C a r d
    >    D I S C O V E R C a r d

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"Watch As Your Hair Transforms Into Gorgeous, Healthy-Looking Locks. All In Less Than 37 Minutes! "

     Today's color technology can provide you with gorgeous, natural looking custom color while adding shine and improving the overall look of your hair.

     The correct custom color can liven a sallow complexion, brighten your eyes, or knock 12 years off your age by hiding problem gray.

     With a whole palette of custom colors available to mix your own personalized shade from that will look perfect on you. Your perfect custom personalized color is just a phone call away.

Your gift is valued at *$10.00 U.S. Dollars


Present Your Special Internet Gift Coupon
good towards your First Visit with
Jonathan ~ Your Hair Artiste

Thank you, Jonathan ~

*Your Coupon Expires 72-Hours from :
=> * <=

* Your Special Internet Gift Offer not valid with any other offer
~ Valid For New Clients Only Please ~
(PRINT OUT this complete internet gift coupon and present at your appointment)
Your Special Internet Gift Coupon is good towards services only

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