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   Just what is "Permanent hair colour"?

In a nutshell, any time you want to make your hair colour lighter than it naturally is, or cover your gray completely, your colourist will use permanent hair colour. Unless the colour matches your hair perfectly, expect the need for regular maintenance touch-up applications for lighter or darker shades usually about every 4 to 6 weeks.

   What is "Demi-permanent hair colour"?

This process colours your hair like a charm but only has enough punch to 'brighten' your hair colour by only lightening your colour slightly, a very small difference in terms of colour change. Because 'demi-permanent colour' blends rather than covers gray, it can be the colour of choice when you show up at the salon in a panic after discovering your first gray hair.

   Can you tell me about ...
"Semi-Permanent hair colour"?

This hair colour process is less aggressive than either permanent or demi-permanent colour, you can expect that 'semi-permanent hair colour' will remain in your hair for only about 6 to 12 cleansings with shampoo. The 'semi-permanent' process can only deposit or leave your present colour slightly darker. So if you're looking for your colour to last only a little while, this is the colour process for you.


Other Types of Hair Services...

   What are "Texture Services"?

This is salon lingo for any chemical service that changes the curl or movement of your hair to make it more manageable. The term 'texture service' is your cue that a relaxer, straightener or permanent wave treatment is being suggested. Any of these 'texture services' add more volume to your hair making it feels thicker or having more texture.

   What is the difference between "Plaits and Braids"?

The term 'plait' in French actually means 'to weave.' So, really plaits are braids and braids are plaits. A plait is defined as a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair. In French, braiding is referred to as 'tressage.' Now you know where the English term 'tresses' comes from. Actually, the verb for braiding in French is 'tresser.'

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