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Grooming For Men - Your Menu Choices:

You can choose Grooming For Men for the absolute best in all services, you get it all and more... for the selective guy only the best, the paramount Grooming For Men - Platinum service. Or, maybe you're the kind of guy who wants the most popular in mid-range services, chosen by many other guys like yourself... Grooming For Men - Gold.

Once you qualify as a regular client( scheduling, being on-time to three-sequential sessions in a row), you may be invited to choose from either Grooming For Men - Platinum V.I.P or Gold V.I.P. monthly membership plans (SAVING you up to 15% on all your sessions).

If at anytime you wish to add hair colour, highlights, a permanent wave, or maybe little relaxing/straightening... you just ask to "PLUS" your same level of service choice on your Grooming For Men Menu for Grooming For Men - Platinum PLUS, or Gold PLUS. Sorry, if your choice is "No-Frills," there's no add ons or additional benefits as with Grooming For Men - Platinum or Gold level services.

Vidal Sassoon AlumniVidal Sassoon Alumni     

Don't take my word for it... Read and listen below to what other guys just like you are saying:
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Platinum - Grooming For Men

[when you want the very best because...you're worth it]

12 Benefits Included with Platinum - Grooming For Men:

#1  Zero-Risk Assurance Service Guarantee
#2   Complimentary Consultation before each appointment...
#3   You get to start out with the very best premium hair cleansing giving you a relaxing head and neck massage...
#4   Next, you'll get the very best premium conditioner to give you shine and moisture, that 'love to touch your hair', feeling...
#5   All this finshed off with a mini-spa treatment with three warm, soothing, wet towels applied to your face, one after the other, each with just a hint of tea tree oil, mint, mentol and then the last towel... one a slight scent of citrus to finish...
#6   Then on to your Platinum - Grooming For Men - Barber Style Haircut complete with...
#7   Trimming away all Neck Hair, Ear Hair, and Eyebrow Trim with...
#8   Moustache/Beard Fine Trimming Included (a $7 value)...then...
#9  Finish hair cleansing removing any little clips of hair...
#10   then... your complete Blow-dry Styling topping off with a little gel or pomade and..
#11   Finally, to eliminate any trace litle trims of hair left over on your face, neck, ears or shoulders, a fine dusting with 'Ole Time Barber Talc
#12   Lastly, you're service is topped off with a relaxing shoulder mini-massage in the chair...
starts at ... 59.97 & UP [longer hair extra]

Gold - Grooming For Men

[most popular men's service]

7 Benefits Included with Gold - Grooming For Men:

#1   Zero-Risk Assurance Service Guarantee
#2  Complimentary Consultation before each appointment...
#3  Start with a relaxing hair cleansing...
#4  Then your Gold - Grooming For Men - Barber Style Haircut...
#5  Trim away all your Neck Hair, Ear Hair, and Eyebrow Trim...then...
#6  A finish hair cleansing removing any remaining little clips of hair...
#7  At last... a little towel dry or minimal blow-dryin, topping off with a little gel or pomade and finishing out with 'Ole Time Barber Talc Dusting to remove any of those trace little bits of hair left behind ...
starts at ... 49.97 & UP [longer hair extra]


"No-Frills": On-the-cheap...No shampoo, no conditioners, no finishing gels or pomades, no blow-dry styling, just dampen your hair... Just cut and run...: "No-Frills."

Includes Only:

#1 Zero-Risk Assurance Service Guarantee
#2 Complimentary Consultation before each session
#3 Your No-Frills - Grooming For Men - Barber Style Haircut...
starts at ... 37.97 & UP [longer hair extra]

SORRY...Applications/Invitations for Memberships - Currently on waiting list.

Platinum V.I.P. or Gold V.I.P. Monthly Memberships
Gets You All The Regular Benefits
With 3 MORE V.I.P. Members Only BONUSES! :

V.I.P. Member BONUS #1 : Members ONLY UNLIMITED Grooming For Men - Barber Style Haircuts
V.I.P. Member BONUS #2 : Front-of-the-Line-Pass for HIGH-PRIORITY Scheduling Appointments
V.I.P. Member BONUS #3 : Monthly Specials: On select haircare products and services

Grooming For Men -Platinum V.I.P. and Gold V.I.P. Monthly Members SAVE UP to 15%] You may also add regular hair color or highlights to your Grooming For Men - Platinum V.I.P. or Gold V.I.P. monthly membership and SAVE even more!
[Notice: *Monthly membership agreements are debited on your credit card each month until you cancel. All monthly membership cancellations or OPT-OUT requests must be sent by U.S. Postal Delivery in writing. Any monthly membership cancellations revert all further services to current rates. No refunds issued.]

Accepting Your Payments : Cash, Checks, VISA, MasterCard, DiscoverCard

Now accepting your:
    >   V I S A
    >    M a s t e r C a r d
    >    D I S C O V E R C a r d

Concierge On Location Services Available Upon Request
(Outcall On Location - I visit you at your choice location)
Concierge Outcall On Location Service Pricing upon request

Read below just a few of men just like you say about their own real hair challenges and just how they got exceptional results (real comments taken from actual letters - some client names were withheld by request. Please continue reading below for some actual testimonials)

Read What I, Chuck Helsel
another Very Happy Client Say Here...
About My Experience

        "...Saves Me Tons of Time..."client quote

        "...originally my wife Lisa referred me, so she thinks you do a great job.

      I appreciate that you always keep my hair looking great. If you didn't keep me to a monthly scheduled appointment, by day 31 my hair starts looking wild. Very few people can keep me on such a tight schedule. I appreciate that you do! (and Lisa does too)

      My time is valuable so your personal one-on-one service is well worth it. If you're a man who's interested in your appearance, and if you're having trouble finding a professional that pays attention to you and gives you personalized service... "

                                    CALL Jonathan NOW!"

                                    Chuck Helsel ~ San Diego CA
                                    husband and father of two daughters
                                    Senior loan consultant for USBank.com
                                    Got questions? Ask Chuck about your home mortgage needs at:    USBank.com
                                    Hair Artistry Grooming For Men - Platinum PLUS V.I.P. Member


Read What I, Eric Kinsinger
another Happy Client Say Here...
About My Experience

      "Testing & Failing One Hair Stylist After Another, Until..."client quote

      "I work in a field where appearance is important, so when my work brought me to San Diego, I found myself repeating what has become a relocation ritual for me - "testing & failing" one hair stylist after another, until I find one able to give me a good haircut.

      I needed a hair stylist with the ability to compensate for the way my hair is going to grow over the next 6-weeks or so, and factor that into my haircut.

      Of the many stylists I tried in San Diego, few had the skill and/or talent before Jonathan. For excellent service every time, Jonathan gets my business and my endorsement - I hope this helps someone looking for a great haircut in San Diego."

                                    Eric Kinsinger ~ San Diego CA
                                    husband and father of three daughters, guitarist, aerospace engineer
                                    Hair Artistry Grooming For Men - Gold V.I.P. Member


Read What I, Michael Riendeau,
another Very Happy Client Say Here...
About My Experience

    "...Receiving So Many Compliments..."client quote

        "...Jonathan is by far the best hair stylist I've ever encountered.

        I've never received so many compliments on my hair style. What's better? He consistently provides me with world-class service at a great value. I look forward to my regularly scheduled 'grooming sessions' with Jonathan.

        He doesn't just give me a haircut - he provides an experience with a unique styled look unlike anyone has ever done.

        Receiving an amazing haircut with great conversation, hot towel spa treatment, relaxing scalp and finishing off with a neck/shoulder massage... I leave feeling like a million bucks! "

                                    Micheal J. Riendeau Jr. ~ San Diego CA
                                    Financial Analyst - Deputy CFO
                                    Hair Artistry Grooming For Men - Platinum


All prices are quoted in U.S. cash or by personal check.
Or Pay With Your: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER Card
[non-cash service fees apply] - or ITEX

CANCELLATIONS or NO-SHOWS: In consideration of my other clients, please give a 72-hour notice of any cancellation. A credit card may be required to secure your appointment . Cancellations or No-Shows will be charged the price of the full service requested.

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