Your Complete 100% Zero-Risk
Assurance Guarantee


Simply, 100% Zero-Risk means you'll have
a completely Risk-Free experience :

You Will Absolutely Love Your Hair!

I Guarantee it.

"Zero-Risk" means to you that I only keep your money if you're thrilled, ecstatic, jumping-up-and-down, pumping-your-fist-in-the-air happy.

How can I offer you such an outrageous guarantee? Easy. Combining over 35 years of experience, talent, technology, and sheer persistence - you will get a hair style especially for you that'd make the Mona Lisa grin. (...most especially, You!)

Besides, anyone can offer you a "money-back-guarantee".

Big deal.

What do they have to lose if you ask for your money back?

When you get your hair done with me, I accept 100% of the risk. If I don't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when getting your hair done protected by your...

100% Zero-Risk
REFUND Guarantee

"What can you expect to receive?..."

'You Can Expect To Receive The Best Service Ever !

Because you have chosen me out of all the people in the world to help you with your hair, I value your confidence in me. So, I will take all the financial risk and give you this, my personal commitment to building a relationship with you.

*WARNING   : If all you want is cheap, low quality service, please call someone else. All the salon services* that you will get are designed for you to receive the absolutely,
'Best Assured Service Ever'.

These 5 unique safeguards will assure your experience :


You MUST be : Relaxed, Pampered and Listened to;


You MUST be : Thrilled getting the best haircut you've ever had;


You MUST be : Delighted getting the most natural looking hair color and highlights;


You MUST agree : You got the most stylish UpDo, Braid or 'blow dry styling';


And most of all you MUST : Feel you were completely taken care of and felt at ease.

That's right... with all of this you MUST agree you got 'the best service ever' or...

#1: I will re-do your services (within 7-14 days of your original service date) absolutely free. If you are still not pleased, I will accept no payment, no money, nothing, zip...


#2: I will cheerfully RUSH to you your PROMPT, 100%-EVERY-PENNY-BACK-REFUND... GUARANTEED!

For Any and All
Corrective Color*


'The following statement implies either spoken or unspoken' :

If your original hair color services were completed by me, Jonathan, they are Guaranteed.

Should you require or need on any Corrective color work be done due to any error, it is covered under my Guarantee.

~ Jonathan   

Most importantly, any reasons you have for your displeasure with my services means I failed somewhere and your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

After you have your ecstatic, extremely satisfied experience, you can help other people just like you by telling your own unique experience in a written testimonial.

PROOF POSITIVE : See the many other satisfied and happy real client stories and testimonials of their own experiences posted right here on this website.

You can be confident that developing a long-term relationship with you is my focus. Please send me an email, write a short note or call to let me know 'how' I can continually improve your salon experience.

That's it,

Your 100% Zero-Risk-Assurance Guarantee:

 •  I Accept 100% Of The Monetary Risk (my cost)

 •  I Accept The Time I Spend To Take Care Of Your Needs

 •  I Accept The Cost of any products I use. . .

'Assuring You The Best Service Ever' or...
It's 100% FREE , Guaranteed!

Fair enough?

My Intention : Building long-term relationships by bringing you and your 'fine hair art' to the world one client at a time.

That's my written personal commitment to you.

No other hair professional or hair salon has the confidence to put their money were their mouth is.

color expert, your hair artiste

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