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Several years ago, after nearly 3 years of studying and learning the craft called 'cosmetology', I came to the realization that people just like you did not just want a hair stylist that just cuts, colors, perms or just styles your hair -- the truth, good, bad or indifferent, is that you want to feel that you have a unique look! That's why my personalized 'hair artistry' is in such great demand -- because, with it, as my client you receive quite literally a work of art…I have repeatedly been told by many clients that they have never received this kind of 'hair care' …the kind of incredible hair that GETS you compliments from strangers stopping you on-the-street, GETS you discovered at your job, GETS you praise by your significant other, and ALL of these compliments come so very fast that you almost believe it to be untrue.

That's what permits me to give you such an incredible guarantee : If for ANY REASON, you are unhappy with the results of your hair work -- you can receive a full-money-back refund. This guarantee would bankrupt me if the overwhelming majority of people did not receive the results they were looking for. I cheerfully dare other hairdressers, hair stylists, or other hair salons to match my 'Zero-Risk Assurance Guarantee', but they can't, they won't, no one else will offer you this kind of over-the-top guarantee.

So, if you're still undecided, frankly, I'm puzzled. Why wouldn't you try out my hair artistry on your look?

I suppose if you are already getting a whole lot more sex... more MONEY (because statistics show that the more attractive you appear can make 20-50 percent MORE income)... looking more healthy(just a benefit of the overall way you care for your body and your hair see a hair professional an average of once every 3-4 weeks)... and, what about the fact that you will appear to your peers as purely more SUCCESSFUL(statistics show that the more successful. If you're just fighting off all those people that just have to know what you do to create all of this attraction, then I guess I understand. And I congratulate you. (Drop me a note. I like having beautiful friends.)

Otherwise, why wouldn't you? I just don't get it. So, if you have some other legitimate reason for saying "no" if you'll take the time to drop me a note or email and tell me why, I'll send you a special gift (valued up to $97.00), just for taking your valuable time to send me your feedback.

But why settle for a mere little seventy-seven dollar gift when you can get a much more valuable return continually WITH my hair artistry. Why wait...? Call 858.367.9736 now and make your appointment, completely GUARANTEED Zero-Risk, so you have nothing to lose. It is impossible to lose here. You must be SATISFIED or you get a full-money-back-refund, period, end of story.

All my best regards,


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